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Journal of Cordelia.

Cordelia Veller
4 April
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Cordelia's my name, Cordelia Veller. About two people seem to find it bloody amusing to combine my first and last name to get Della and call me that, so I suppose that's a nickname of mine. 4th year Hufflepuff. I'm not that fond of people, because they're freakin' morons for the most part, but I do like my best friend Marlene and some of her mates. I don't fucking dye my hair, and yes, I am a bloody girl. As for why I'm in Hogwarts despite my attitude towards magic:

Regulus Black: If you don't like magic then, Cordelia, what in merlin's arse are you doing here?

Cordelia, that is me: What I am doing here? Ooh, let's try to think a bit, shall we, Black? I expect you to understand, your parents are the same rotten sort as mine are. They thrive from the existance of magic, don't they? Could never live without spells and house-elves, could they? They bloody well couldn't. And think, just think, just imagine, that they had a daughter - or in your case, son - who thought magic despiceful. What would your sodding parents have done? Happily sent you off to a school for muggles?

So don't goddamn ask.

Enjoys the company of Julie.
Likes Ted despite not knowing him too well.
Does not like the pureblood mania Blacks, though doesn't have anything against Sirius or Andromeda.
Thinks Dina is completely mad.

[Not real and I only claim to semi-own Cordelia. __incendio.]

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